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Brian's story:

Brian's letter:

I am an ex-Special Forces and Army Ranger Sniper soldier, who has seen combat in several locations around the world. I have known for years that I looked at the world different after coming back from combat. I did not know how to deal with the nightmares, flashbacks, etc. until I met Tapas Fleming. Using her very simple steps, I have changed from being an emotionally cut off soldier, father and husband. I 'had' several incidents that caused these reactions, all were related to the combat I saw over all the years I was active.

I joined a workshop that was being held in Columbus, GA right outside the gates of Fort Benning, GA to prove that this technique that Tapas developed would not work. After the first session I did, I could not believe how different I felt. I no longer felt the guilt that I had lived with all these years. I have worked on a different memory every night for 4 days now and have not had a recurrence of anything I have worked on with Tapas. I finally have been able to sleep at night without waking up in combat. I can still recall the memories, just without all the guilt, shame and fear. I finally have my life back and can become the father, son and husband that I once was.

SSG Brian Davis

Brian delivered the letter below from his daughter one evening.

On another night, he gave Tapas his Purple Heart with his deep appreciation.

Brian's daughter's letter:

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Biff's story:

"I told Tapas that I wish I had found that process 35 years ago because for the first time it allowed me to put that [combat stress] behind me."  

Colonel (Retired) Special Forces Biff Hadden

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Mario's story:

What is TAT?

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Pros who help soldiers and vets:

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